Exspensive web designers – worth the money?

5 Things to consider when finding a web designer written 

Just like in houses, architectural things, tech gadgets, or even a simple toy, its design and appearance will speak for itself. And who does the layouts? color? and structure? It’s the designer. A web designer on the other hand is the one who creates the visual appearances of a website. He / She is responsible for the page layouts, colors, graphics and navigation styles of the website which needs to be in accordance to your business, or your personal choice. Such things will directly affect the impressions of the website visitors, the business it itself.


When trying to find a good web designer, you can try to check the following:

1. Does the web designer already has a good experience? You need to ask them about their experiences, if they had experiences in designing a webpage which is similar to what your business nature is, it is a plus. Since we are to spend real money, we need to be wise in picking a good web designer. The cost must meet a good quality as they say.

2. If they are an experienced web designer, try to ask them for sample designs or check the projects they might have done before. Their web designs will speak for themselves. Try to navigate the websites they had done, check how navigable they were so you could have ideas on what you want.

3. Ask them about Search Engine Optimization or certain things about internet marketing. Usually this is a separate work, but they need to work hand in hand with each other, as the sites structure will affects its marketability. Ask them how they can help you in seo’s or marketing stuffs. We need to remember that in order to generate views, we need to market it to the people. Just like the real market, the internet has a market world that needs a different form of marketing.

4. Ask about the pricing. Basically the cost of building a website is calculated per page and also the optional additions such as SEO, auto-responders, email set-ups, blogs, membership page and so on. A quality web page costs about $2,000 – $5,000 or higher. Also ask about the websites maintenance, do they also offer maintenance? It would be best if they would also be the one to maintain the website for you, they know how the designs and structures better than anyone else.

5. Web designers are usually booked, so you must ask if they can meet your deadline. The length of finishing a website will depend on how do you want it to appear, so you need to work hand in hand with the designer to show him how you want things to be set-upped.

Ask for referrals first before anything else. If you know someone who has ideas or had experienced a service of a web designer it is much better to talk to them and ask for referrals, in that sense, they can give you sound advice to where you could find the best possible designer that could meet your needs. Always remember that a good webdesign speaks for the brand itself.

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