Censorship of the Internet May Block Your Website From Being Seen


Censorship of the Internet May Block Your Website From Being Seen

As most people are aware, your government censors what you can and cannot see on the viable media sources. Whether it be newspapers, television news, or even the Internet. This censorship has existed throughout the centuries; it just gets harder to do now, since information is so widespread and easily shared.

Google has been in the news lately for their dealings with the censorship with the Chinese government. If requires extra filtering efforts on Google’s part, which they have become tired of keeping up with. As well as the fact that Google computers were hacked from a group in China. Google is about ready to part ways with China for that reason alone. Though if they did, they would cut off ties with a huge consumer market. Though the other debate is that it is because Google is behind in the running with other Chinese search engine companies.

Australia has also announced a plan for censorship of their countries Internet access. If it is passed, they Australian government will be allowed to block any websites they wish to, without any explanation to the citizens. The usual excuses tend to be that the content was immoral or against decency. Whether the content was actually offensive or not does not matter.

Governments are a corporation, they do not want anything that would make them look bad or derail their plans. In the end result, if the government wants to block your website, they can.

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