Web Design Trends for 2016

From my reading across the internet, I’ve come across what other Web Designers view as the coming trends for web design in 2016. Some are trends that started occurring last and are said to continue in their growth, while other will start this year and gain in popularity. Of course this is all speculation, but the designers will influence what trends gain in use.

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So a quick summary of the highlighted trends:

  1. Minimalism—“Less is More” will return to the web. Text is going to be apart of the design and the number of pictures will be cut back.
  2. Typography—Various text fonts are going to be widely used as the design base for a web page.
  3. Simple Layouts—Layouts will move to a simpler one page designs to eliminate the need for redundant navigation.
  4. Oversized Headers, Footers, and Logo Designs—Instead of splash screens and start pages, the company loge will run throughout the background of the webpage.
  5. Central Images—Pages will focus on one large central image and not be clutter the page with multiple images.
  6. Magazine Layouts—Sites will look like magazines to accommodate their previous print readers.
  7. Modal Boxes—These are already growing in use. A relative of the popup box, but this one deactivates the rest of the screen while you deal with the box.

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